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What makes us unique? We provide your skin with revitalizing active ingredients eight times more oxygen!

Hardly anything is as important for our survival as oxygen. This also applies to our skin, because our skin cells need oxygen to develop and regenerate.


Over time, the blood circulation and thus the oxygen supply of the skin decreases, which accelerates the natural ageing process and makes the skin look uneven and pale. With our certified organic ingredients, the skin receives an above-average supply of oxygen and active ingredients that have been known for over 3,000 years.


We use only natural, organic and certified ingredients. Our formulation is unique in the world. 

Our products are caring, gentle and effective at the same time. Active ingredients are activated with oxygen and can thus be transported deep into the lower layers of the skin. The acid content is also regulated. This fends off bacteria, for example.


A radiantly beautiful skin is formed, which is visibly revitalised and inspires with new life energy. Even deep wrinkles disappear after only a few applications, light lines are greatly reduced. A radiant complexion and youthful freshness is the result. 



Sagging and tired facial skin - is history


We start every treatment with an intensive cleansing of the face, during which the skin surface is gently and carefully clarified. Deep-seated impurities and skin flakes are gently removed with our peeling gel. The pore-deep cleansing already provides new energy and strength in this step. The blood circulation is also activated by massaging and rubbing. This allows the skin to breathe again and important active ingredients are absorbed and transported directly into the cells of the skin, where they provide new strength and energy. At the same time, the acidity is regulated. After a few hours after application, the skin appears more revitalised and fresh.


To allow the skin to relax additionally, we add active ingredients to your skin that accelerate the relaxation process. All our care products can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté, tightening and revitalising your skin and stopping the ageing process. This not only has a positive effect on the skin's appearance, but also on the mind.

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