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Dear customers,

our partners advise you on skin care, care concepts and applications. Organic, natural ingredients have a special effect. We therefore recommend that you visit our cosmetic institutes and get advice in order to achieve your desired condition more quickly. Important tips and special methods in use are immediately noticeable.

Your OXY8 team

Massage room


Kirsten Rollé Cosmetic Institute

Hansengarten 3, 90427 Nuremberg

Telephone 0911-930 10 65


Sensible skin care not only serves external beauty, but is also, above all, health care and prevention, because the skin is our largest organ and our protective cover against external influences. For this reason, it is always my goal to use the most effective and well-tolerated cosmetics based on the latest research in order to ensure optimal care and treatment success for my customers.


Living & More | Andrea Belzl

Hauptstrasse 48, 90537 Feucht

Telephone +49 171 863 99 70

Living room furnishings
Alexandra Eberl skinbalance
Skinbalance cosmetic institute

Alexandra Eberl

Ludwigstr. 46, 90402 Nuremberg

Telephone +49 0911 893 16 100


The skin is our largest organ...and yet it is so often neglected. It is the mirror of our well-being. Give your skin the attention it deserves.
Stress and hectic pace are transferred to our skin; it is the first to show the signs of everyday life and age. I see my job as keeping your skin healthy and delaying the aging process.


front look

Hair. style. Couching

Together with you, we will create your unique image of beauty, which will make you shine inside and out. You are the focus · Hair cutting of a special kind · Arrival with you

Lotharstraße 7, 90547 Stein

Telephone: +49 911 68 68 44

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