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Dr. Sue Seifert & Andrew Weiss
Meckstr. 3-5  |  90762 Fuerth

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Horst Schmidt

Even as a little boy, I was known as a bright guy in my parents' hairdressing business. At a very early age I was able to experience what it was like in a salon.


Few professional groups come into contact with other people as closely as we hairdressers. We hear exactly what you are talking about and what is bothering you.

I always wanted to understand why this particular lady puts on makeup like that, smells like that or how a customer feels when she leaves our salon. The vision, the desire for more, already emerged back then. Because it's always about more than just styling. It's about the overall appearance. It is important to realize the connection between inner and outer beauty.


This is how my philosophy “I make people beautiful and happy” came about.


Through REDKEN, WELLA and the ICD, I have had the opportunity to introduce my skills to many colleagues around the world. It was clear that people everywhere have the same need: to simply look younger and more beautiful!


Horst Schmidt - master hairdresser front look


Dr. Sue Seifert

It has always been my calling to do something good for people and to make them happy with my actions. 


By founding a medical screening and prevention center, I was able to realize the first steps of this vision. It is important to me to show people how they can take early preventive measures in order to avoid complaints or illnesses and to start on the path to self-healing.


The connection to nature lies deep within me. In particular, I am always amazed by their fascinating diversity and skills. I recognize and accept the impressive powers of nature. Anything else created artificially will never have the same effectiveness.


Everyone has the opportunity to change something about their skin or hair and thereby increase their well-being. The experiences I have had with OXY8 myself, as well as the positive feedback from everyone who uses our products, strengthen my conviction. 


Because there are no coincidences, what is due comes to you. It wasn't by chance that I got the opportunity to give people access to the incredible power of nature. With OXY8 it is possible. We want to open the space to the effects of nature so that everyone can feel, see and feel these wonderful results.


“Nature is the ultimate technology, and we are just beginning to understand its power.” Janine Benyus 

Dr. Sue Seifert

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