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"We're all about helping as many people as possible access and understand nature and its millennial impact - bringing the power of nature into people's hearts"

Five years ago, farmers in the region asked him for advice. It was about trading precious medicinal plants and raw materials from the Aegean for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The farmers did not want to put their treasures in the hands of strangers. But they trusted him because they knew that he was committed to their values, to nature and, above all, to the local people.

So he began to study the subject intensively. He is well aware of the unique effects of plants that thrive in wild nature all over this world. Many of the ingredients of oxy8 grow in the Aegean. Others are added worldwide. For several years the active ingredients were tested and certified in European laboratories in their effect to our skin to create a worldwide unique formula for a highly effective natural cosmetic.

The passion and dedication are reflected in the purity and effectiveness of the products. oxy8 natural cosmetics help our skin absorb significantly more oxygen to fully regenerate and look healthy, fresh and radiant.

In deep connection with nature, together with his team of experts, he has developed a natural care concept that works not only externally, but also internally. The products are a reflection of the team - calm, powerful and full of positive energy.
Many years of international experience and knowledge about the needs of healthy hair, based on healthy scalp, brought Horst Schmidt, master hairdresser and founder of the frontlook Academy, who runs an exclusive hair salon since 1993. He shares a passion for people, beauty and nature. His decades of experience on people and hair is invaluable.

Our active ingredients are not only gentle and extremely effective for our scalp, but also stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Power and health to our hair.

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