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Acne and Inflammation

"People with oily and impure skin get pimples" - you've probably heard that often. However, that's not entirely accurate. Pimples and blackheads have little to do with poor hygiene. Acne has many causes. Most commonly, acne is caused by hormonal changes. But with the right skincare and suitable natural ingredients, you can counteract these blemishes. Which organic ingredients help against acne and what you should pay attention to? We'll explain which creams and cleansing products are suitable and which ingredients you should look out for.

OXY8 Recommendation

Cleanse skin intensively and deeply

INTENSIVE CLEANSING FOAM or GEL (morning and evening) - also for removing make-up

day care



night care


How do blackheads and pimples form?

To understand the properties a substance needs to combat acne and inflammation, it's important to first grasp how blackheads and pimples form.


Micro-inflammations within the skin, invisible to the naked eye, are considered triggers for acne. These small inflammations set the acne process in motion.



This refers to the skin producing excess sebum, often due to hormonal changes, but also due to improper diet or stress.


Hyperkeratosis and Plug Formation

Simultaneously, the outer layer of the skin thickens, and dead skin cells aren't shed quickly enough. This leads to clogging of the sebaceous gland ducts, resulting in open and closed blackheads and pimples.

Visible Inflammations

The overproduction of sebum and reduced flow from the sebaceous gland create ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive. Particularly, Cutibacterium acnes can spread easily. The immune system responds to the resulting bacterial byproducts, leading to visible inflammation in the form of red pimples.


OXY8 Organic Ingredients

For those seeking natural and organic cleansing and skincare products against acne and blemishes, OXY8 is the right choice. Many of our ingredients for combating acne and blemishes have been known for over 1,000 years but have fallen into obscurity.



Provides rich moisture, fights acne, strengthens the skin's natural barrier.


Cedarwood Oil

Calming, nourishing, reduces skin irritations, has antiseptic and acne-fighting properties.



Antiseptic, combats acne, prevents pore blockages, provides moisture to the skin.



Fights acne, has anti-inflammatory properties, prevents acne scars, soothes irritated skin.


Petit Grain Oil 

Soothes and cleanses the skin, prevents acne, strong antiseptic properties.


Red Mandarin 

Prevents acne.


Prevents acne, soothes burns, has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects.


Shea Butter

Provides rich moisture, is antibacterial, increases collagen production, fights acne, rich in antioxidants.


Argan Oil

Reduces sun damage, moisturizes the skin, treats acne and skin infections, accelerates wound healing, has anti-aging effects.


Cypress Oil

The natural astringent properties of cypress oil help reduce excess oil, tighten skin cells, and diminish the appearance of pores. Its potent antibacterial activity combats acne outbreaks by killing bacteria within pores, while also providing rich moisture.

Please note that the translation might not capture the full nuance of the original text, and some terms might have slightly different meanings in the target language.

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